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Rumphi Cassava Association
Total number of member: 4,700 members (male: 35%, female: 65%)
P.O.Box 229, Rumphi, Northern Region

Cassava Flour

OVOP's Cassava flour is by Rumphi Cassava Association in Rumphi. Cassava flour can be used to make nsima and confectionary.

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Cassava Flour
Basic Information
28 July 2008

Group Name
Rumphi Cassava Processors and Marketing Association
4,700 members (male: 35%, female: 65%)
Year of Establishment: 2004
Year of OVOP participation: 2006
Mr Macsidney Chisiza / Edace Mkandawire
P.O.Box 229, Rumphi, Northern Region
0888 535 017 / 0999 726 417
Cassava flour
Ordinary customers and restaurants in local markets in Mzuzu and Rumphi, Supermarket in Lilongwe, OVOP Antenna Shop

Group Information

[Support from OVOP/JICA]
Supply of plastic bags for packaging.
[Support from Other Organizations]
IRAD (Institut de recherche agricole pour le developpement) supported the financing for the construction of a factory and a grater machine for the production of cassava starch.
[Contribution by members]
MK600/year, however in practice, it seems that very few members have contributed to the association.
[Support by District Assembly]
Facilitates the Group to register as trustees. Agriculture extension officers provide advice to member farmers.
In 2004, IDEA provided 10 farmers with TOT for the introduction of cassava cultivation in this area, including group formation, planting and growing technologies, introduction of quality hybrid seeds, and business management. Trained trainers disseminate cassava cultivation to 4,700 farmers. The Association has decided to register as trustees, expecting that their businesses (contract) will be protected by law while the legal status will help the group expand the outlets of their product.

Strength and Opportunities

Cassava is always available locally, from August to December.
Average production of cassava flour is 100 pack/day (1pack=1kg).
Non-farmers of the area preferred packed cassava flour because it is more neat and clean than other producers’ flour soled in plates. It seems that the demand of start is growing; a timber factory in Laiplai has expressed interest to buy starch as a material of glue. The production of starch from cassava also seems feasible because there is a cassava starch factory in Kotakota.
[Quality control]
Business development officer of the Association is responsible for the inspection of the raw materials.
The Association has successfully obtained a grant from IRAD to finance the construction of a factory and the purchase of a grating machine for starch making.


Cultivation is mostly conducted at Jalawi, while a milling machine is only available in Rumphi.
The overall market of cassava in Malawi is still small, although the price is lower than maize.
Since there is no hammer mill operating in Jalawi, the association has to bring all raw materials to Rumphi to mill cassava; transport cost is eroding the profitability.



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